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At its core, the Reform Party is made up of concerned Americans, tired of the partisan rancor in government and a two-party system that appears committed to putting its support for the special-interests ahead of finding common-sense solutions designed to solve our most pressing challenges.

The people of the Reform Party are former Democrats, Independents, Libertarians and Republicans, who are coming together to form a viable political organization that can best represent both the will and the needs of the American people.

Restoring Common Sense Government

In an effort to restore common sense to our state capitals and Washington, DC, the Reform Party is actively seeking Americans from all walks of life to get involved, and help take back their government.

Unlike other reformist organizations, the Reform Party is a political party and not political action committee that supports candidates from other political parties. The Reform Party (nationally and through state parties) nominates and runs its own candidates to oppose the political institutions that continue to mismanage our government.

As a party, we have a foundation of core beliefs, but unlike other political organizations and parties, we are committed to that foundation and do not take sides with special interest groups.

The Reform Party Believes In

  • Reducing the out-of-control spending from the Republicans and Democrats, and institute greater fiscal responsibility and accountability in government.
  • Balancing federal and state budgets to ensure a sound economy.
  • Paying down our national debt so our sovereignty is not longer jeopardized by foreign creditors, like China.
  • Reforming our entitlement programs so those most in need receive the services they need, while we eliminate waste, fraud and abuse to save the American people’s money.
  • Proving balanced and fair trade policies that protect American workers and ensure greater opportunities for American businesses.
  • Returning the individual’s right to control their own medical and health decisions.
  • Promoting uses of our environment that can be sustained without diminishing the quality of our environment, without diminishing biodiversity, and without diminishing the capacity of our resources to steadily yield human benefits.
  • Opening the political process to more viewpoints to ensure the best ideas and best candidates rise to the surface, ending the monopoly of our current two-party system.
  • Establishing a sound immigration policy that keeps families together and benefits our society, while simultaneously ensures our basic rights and laws are enforced.
  • Reforms the tax code to balance taxation, taxes for individuals and corporate America through a reformed flat tax code.
  • Installing a “Line-Item Veto” and passing a “Balanced Budget Amendment” to guarantee our government manages our tax dollars wisely.

For information concerning the Alabama Reform Party, please contact or David Collison, Chairman Reform Party National Committee, at